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domestic violence counseling


I help those who've been silenced by violence and abuse find their voices and speak their truth.


What is domestic violence counseling?

Domestic violence counseling is a specialized form of counseling for adults who are experiencing, or have experienced, violence, abuse or relational trauma in their intimate relationships. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • physical abuse
  • sexual violence
  • emotional abuse
  • threats and intimidation
  • stalking
  • financial abuse 

When working with survivors of domestic violence, I utilize a combination of individualized support, psychoeducation and therapy. If you're a survivor, we'll work collaboratively to increase your safety, and gradually process past traumatic events, so you feel calmer, clearer and more connected.

Domestic violence counseling may be helpful if...

  • You feel sad, angry, scared, hopeless, guilty and confused.
  • You feel numb or cut off from your feelings.
  • You're tired of walking on eggshells in your relationship and nothing you say or do is ever good enough for your partner.
  • You feel lonely and increasingly isolated from your family and friends.
  • You notice yourself minimizing or making excuses for your partner's hurtful or harmful behavior.
  • You think the hurtful or harmful behavior is your fault because your partner blames you for making them angry.
  • You doubt your own reality because when you try to talk to your partner about their hurtful or harmful behavior, they call you crazy and deny it.
  • You're afraid to admit to yourself or others that your partner harms you.
  • You're worried that your partner will harm the children, or your children will witness your partner harming you. 
  • You feel trapped and powerless to leave your relationship.
  • You've already left your relationship, but still feel controlled by your former partner or overwhelmed by past abusive memories.

When you're in an abusive or violent relationship, it can feel really scary and confusing. One moment your partner is telling you they love you, and the next they are yelling, putting you down or threatening to hurt you. You may think that if you do more of this or less of that, you can stop your partner from getting angry, calling you names or physically hurting you. The truth is that you are not responsible for your partner's abusive behavior, even if they tell you that you are. Nothing you do, or don't do, ever justifies being abused. 

If you're feeling scared, confused, sad and lonely in your current relationship, you are not alone. If you're shut down, numb and not really sure what you are feeling, that's common too. Seeking out an experienced therapist who is knowledgeable in the complex dynamics of domestic violence and abuse will help you sort through the confusion and feel less isolated and alone. 


Recovery can take place only within the context of relationships; it cannot occur in isolation.
— Judith Lewis Herman

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Ready to connect? 

Whether you're still in your relationship and trying to figure out if it's abusive, or you've already left and are still haunted and controlled by it, I can help. Reach out and schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation. You really do have the right to feel safe and supported.